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Norm Sperling’s Great Science Trek: 2014

San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Palm Springs
Death Valley
El Paso
Corpus Christi
Baton Rouge
Key West
Winter Star Party, Scout Key

MARCH 2014:
up the Eastern seaboard

APRIL 2014:
near I-40, I-30, and I-20 westbound

MAY 2014:
near US-101 northbound
May 17-18: Maker Faire, San Mateo
May 23-26: BayCon, Santa Clara

California till midJune

JUNE 2014:
Pacific Northwest

JULY 2014:
Western Canada, eastbound

AUGUST 2014:
near the US/Can border, westbound
August 22-on: UC Berkeley

Speaking engagements welcome!
2014 and 2015 itineraries will probably cross several times.

Histoire de L’Astronomie Ancienne, Depuis son Origine Jusqu’a L’Etablissement de L’Ecole D’Alexandrie.

Jean Sylvain Bailly. in French. Paris, 1781. 3 plates of zodiacal and ancient Egyptian figures. Pan-Babylonian speculations. 3 later volumes were called “modern astronomy”, ending in the author’s own 1700s. Original calf binding. Previous owners included important astronomer Nicholas Bobrovnikoff, and British Major-General Frederick Edward Sotheby. Bailly was a prominent astronomer. He became Paris’s first mayor after the Revolution and championed declaring that Jews were entitled to citizenship. He was guillotined in the Reign of Terror in 1793.

Price: $1,150.00
The Journal of Irreproducible Results
This Book Warps Space and Time
What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

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