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The Free-est Man

© Norman Sperling, October 23, 2014

Along my route I check in with assorted acquaintances. One I visited struck me as the free-est man I know:
* His health is hale and hearty.
* His children have grown and lead their own lives.
* He has no significant-other at present.
* He can keep his current dwelling but doesn’t have to.
* He can stay in the same town but it has minuses as well as pluses and he could declare himself “ready to move on”.
* He has enough money to live adequately in many other places.
* He can keep his present professional employment but it has minuses as well as pluses and he doesn’t have to stay.
* He could find acceptable employment in several different kinds of interesting work.
* He could find acceptable employment in several other places.
* He has ideas for projects that he’s put off for many years.

In somewhat similar circumstances, I decided to travel and retain a teaching slot, one semester per year. When I check off the last target on my maps, perhaps around 2016, I hope to settle back down near Berkeley.

What would you do? Dream about it! Some ideas won’t be practical, or not presently desirable. Some things might be do-able in your near-future. Seriously consider doing those.

When I visited him, his freedom was pretty new and he hadn’t yet picked what he wanted to do. Privately, I guessed he’d pick a project to do and a new place to do it.

What do *you* think he’d do?

After many months, I inquired. He just wrote back. He decided not to decide. He’s still in the same place doing the same thing as before. All the potentials remain potential.

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