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Palomar Observatory Sky Survey

Original ~1959 copy. This survey dominated astronomy for decades. These are 14-inch-square photographic negative prints (stars look like black dots). Each of the 879 fields of the sky, from the North Celestial Pole to –30° declination, has a photo in blue light, a photo in red light, and a transparent overlay from Dixon & Sonneborn’s A Master List of Nonstellar Optical Astronomical Objects, 1981. Probably weighs about 150 pounds. Presently in 3 cartons in the central USA. People or organizations wanting to acquire it should contact nsperling@sfo.com.


Histoire de L’Astronomie Ancienne, Depuis son Origine Jusqu’a L’Etablissement de L’Ecole D’Alexandrie.

Jean Sylvain Bailly. in French. Paris, 1781. 3 plates of zodiacal and ancient Egyptian figures. Pan-Babylonian speculations. 3 later volumes were called “modern astronomy”, ending in the author’s own 1700s. Original calf binding. Previous owners included important astronomer Nicholas Bobrovnikoff, and British Major-General Frederick Edward Sotheby. Bailly was a prominent astronomer. He became Paris’s first mayor after the Revolution and championed declaring that Jews were entitled to citizenship. He was guillotined in the Reign of Terror in 1793.


How and Why to Make a User-Friendly Sidewalk Telescope

by John Dobson. The famous inventor's own story, his own methods … bound in his favorite material, plywood! Only 1,100 printed. Very rare and popular. Inscribed by the author. This copy was never sold ― it was recently rediscovered in the back of the publisher's shed.


The Stars Above Starfinder

The Stars Above Starfinder

The stars above are beautiful, and so is The Stars Above starfinder!

Gleaming, sturdy blue acrylic, 14 inches wide. Dome-shaped, like the real sky. Dial up any time on any date. Find the constellations, the Milky Way, planets, and major stars. Great gift! Little distortion between 30° and 50° North latitude. Price includes base, booklet, and UPS ground shipping within US.


Mysterious Universe: Astronomical Anomalies

Compiled by William R. Corliss, The Sourcebook Project. 716 pages, hardback. Price includes US shipping. Canada: add $3/book; overseas, add $10/book.


What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You

What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

by Norman Spering

Textbooks don’t tell all they should, and sometimes inhibit learning.
Norm Sperling teaches what textbooks won’t tell:
- Too sure of things? Learn which Unknowns still stump us.
- Outdated viewpoints? Reset your mindset.
- Need to weed out bunk? Bigtime debunking explains why science can tell how nature works.
- Overly serious? Chuckle at bloopers.
- Fresh, intriguing ideas and viewpoints, many of which apply to other sciences as well.

From the review in JRASC: "a rollicking read. It is fun! The language is down-to-earth and jargon-free. The writing style is straightforward and friendly. The book does not take itself too seriously. You will find it hard to put down because it just keeps going, like the Energizer bunny, with interesting topic after interesting topic."

183 pages, paperback, 2002. Add $2.00 for Custom-inscribed by the author any way the customer wants.


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The Journal of Irreproducible Results
This Book Warps Space and Time
What Your Astronomy Textbook Won't Tell You

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